Zoom Classes

Mat pilates clases available for all levels.  Each class is designed to put you through your paces and ensure that your body is worked top to toe.  Sometimes we will use flex bands or hand weights to keep it fresh and challenge you to rise to new levels.  Class timetable:


Monday morning @ 0730

Monday evening @ 1800

Tuesday evening @ 1800

Thursday evening @ 1800

Friday Afternoon @ 1300


Individual zoom sessions are really effective to build a personal training plan to help you stay fit and healthy at home or to aid with pain and injury rehabilitation.  A general assessment will take place in the first session with a set of general pilates movements and then a tailored programme will be created to address any specific issues and goals over the coming weeks.


Individual mat sessions are the best way to learn the fundamentals of practicing Pilates in the first instance, but also to help refine the practice with more complexity as you progress.  We will create a personal programme through an assessment that will evolve over time to help you achieve your fitness goals. 


Each session will last an hour at a place of your choosing in London zones 1 - 4.


Group sessions are a great way to stay motivated with your friends and colleagues.  Each session will be tailored to the overall fitness levels and experience of the group, for everyone to get the most out of it - and of course enjoy themselves! 


We can create packages for workplaces or block bookings with mates.  Each session will last an hour in a place of your choosing with adequate space within London Zones 1 - 4.

Please contact us for more information

Reformer sessions are the practice of Pilates on the dynamic machines to drive plyometric exercise.  Reformer adds a new dimension of difficulty and variety to the mat practice.  I teach at various studios around London. 


Please contact us for more information.