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About Apollo Pilates

Apollo is the Greek God of healing and at Apollo Pilates we subscribe to the philosophy laid down by Joseph Pilates that "Change happens through movement and movement heals.".   Founded by Amy Micheal, we want to make Pilates an essential part of one's lifestyle, to stay strong and healthy no matter what your age or fitness levels.  We know that the practice builds core strength and flexibility, but can be used as part of a rehab plan to get back mobility and relieve pain. Or just to get oneself moving if we have become a little sedentary through bad habits. 

We will work with you to build a personal programme tailored to help you achieve your goals and get the most from Pilates.  Not to mention have fun!

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Amy Micheal

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Amy began practicing Pilates at the behest of her osteopath for rehabilitation after major injury and to manage chronic pain.  It made such an incredible impact, that she was inspired to give up her media career of 20 years and retrain to become an instructor.  Qualified in both reformer and mat Pilates, she can offer a multi-discipline approach to build the best sessions for you. Empathetic in practice, with a knack for getting more out of you than you think is possible,  Amy will help you achieve your fitness goals and overcome injury to get back to being fabulous.

She has been trained to the international gold standards of Stott for advanced Pilates and APPI Ante and Post Natal activity.

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"Apollo has led to an incredible rediscovery of my body, especially core. As a professional dancer, I have dealth with intense physical work and some injury, the effect is real. I am physically and mentally stronger.  Thank you Amy."

Daniel, 32, Lion King Lead Dancer

"Apollo: professional, personable, patient and precise. That's enough Ps, actually what I like is that Amy is exacting, but still considerate and nuturing. As a good teacher should be.  Thank you!"

Max, 57, Back pain mat client

"I feel like I hit the Pilates jackpot when I found Amy's classes. I have complicated back issues, which meant group classes were a bit hit & miss.  Amy gives me options that make the exercises suddenly possible. She talks you through every move, making it work for everyone. That is so rare in a group setting."

Georgia, 31, mat & reformer client

"I love Amy's classes early in the morning. She really believes in us and pushes you beyond what you think you can do.  Always with a smile and good humour!"

Holly, 50s, Zoom client

"I've really enjoyed mat and reformer classes with Amy. I have hypermobility and previously left other classes not feeling I had done much. Amy really focuses anatomically to help me make sure the muscles are engaged and working hard.  Classes are challenging and fun, I always feel I am making progress."

Sophia, 30, mat & reformer client

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