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"Change happens through movement,

and movement heals."


Joseph Pilates



Apollo Pilates

Founded by Amy Micheal, Apollo Pilates is more than just about exercise.  Amy began practicing Pilates for rehabilitation and ended up changing careers because of its benefits.

Apollo is about health and wellness as well as getting you fit and strong.

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1-2-1 sessions are the best way to truly learn the art of Pilates.  We will design a unique programme that is most suitable for your body and to help you meet your exercise goals.

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Group sessions are a fun way to exercise with your friends and colleagues.  Tailored to the overall ability of the group, the hour-long sessions will get you motivated and moving.

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Reformer Pilates utilises the reformer machines for dynamic plyometric exercises. We teach in studios around London and 1-2-1 sessions can be arranged.

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